Duarte Sousa


Duarte Sousa has always been fascinated by technology and human performance in extreme environments. During his early teenage years he became passionate about aeronautics and space exploration. He spent most of his time flying radio controlled aircrafts and attended twice the NASA’s Advanced Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama, US. These experiences propelled him to follow a training in Aerospace engineering, receiving a MSc in Aerospace engineering from the Lisbon Institute of technology (IST), Lisbon, Portugal (2009), and further specialising in Space Systems engineering, receiving a master degree from the Institute Superieur de l’Aeronautique et de l’Espace (SUPAERO) in Toulouse, France (2011). Duarte is currently working for a leading European spacecraft manufacturer company, in the environmental test campaign of the European Union’s global navigation satellite system, being responsible for the mechanical operations, testing and integration of their satellites, at the ESA’s test centre in Noordwijk, Netherlands. In parallel with his professional life Duarte collaborates with scientific space research projects. Early in 2014 he has participated as co-investigator of a neuroscience project in zero-G in an ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign and is now putting his energy into his first analogue space mission at MDRS. Duarte will indeed be the crew engineer for the mission of crew 148 at the Mars Desert Research Station. In his free time Duarte enjoys sailing, SCUBA diving and has just received his first level certificate in underwater freediving. He enjoys practising meditation to balance the body and mind and excel in demanding tasks.


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