Florence Porcel


Florence Porcel works for the French medias. She began on television (France 5) with two shows about Internet, new technologies and social medias (Le Grand Webze, Le Vinvinteur). Last year she talked about science and space exploration twice a week in a scientific radio show (La Tête au Carré, France Inter) and she co-hosts a game about science in the same show this year. Passionate about science and space exploration, she makes her own video podcast (La folle histoire de l’Univers), she experienced a zero gravity flight last year and she is one of the 705 candidates still competing for the Mars One project.  Among the literary prizes she won, one was about a science-fiction short story and her blog post about the history of women in space exploration was published in a book (Les meilleurs blogues de science en français, Editions MultiMondes, 2014). She talked about why she wants to go to Mars in a TEDx talk last June (TEDxVaugirardRoad) and she will do another talk about this topic in TEDxReims in November. As an author and actress, she is writing her own play about Mars exploration.

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