Lucie Poulet

In 2014, Lucie Poulet was crew scientist in the four-month HI-SEAS Mars simulation mission in Hawaii from March to July and executive officer and GreenHab officer within crew 135 at the Mars Desert Research Station  (MDRS) in Utah in February. She is commander during the mission of crew 148 at MDRS in January/February 2015. She is a research associate at the Institute of Space Systems of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Bremen. She holds a Master’s in engineering of energy production and process from the National Polytechnique Institute of Lorraine (France) and a Master’s in aerospace engineering from Purdue University. She attended the Space Studies Program of the International Space University in 2012 with a focus on Space Life Sciences and a team project assessing the possibility of developing a network of spaceports in the solar system. In her free time, Lucie likes to run, to hike, to ski and to fly small airplanes.

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