Emergency Procedures

Although emergency procedures for space missions such as missions on the ISS, Space Shuttle, Mir station, or the Apollo missions already exist, emergency procedures for planetary habitats have not yet been developed. These procedures are critical for a mission on Mars and will need to be tested and iterated many times before humans can set their foot on the red planet. The RAR 2 team will examine two emergency scenarios in particular, fire and depressurization of the habitat. A preliminary procedure for each scenario will be derived from already existing sources and tested during the mission’s rotation in January-February 2015. These tests will enable the crew to assess the feasibility of the procedure in a Mars analog environment and to fine tune it. These two scenarios will be tested multiple times (3 times each) to gather useful and meaningful data. From the data collected the team will analyze emergency procedures, the response of critical systems, and key points of failure enabling the crew to provide recommendations on emergency procedures for future Martian bases. Procedures in case of fire or depressurization in the GreenHab will also be investigated and recommendations to avoid contamination of the habitat and limit damages to the crops will be provided. To complete this study will require the entire crew and one mission support member. Mission support will simulate a time delay. Previous experience with type of work includes emergency response training and emergency medical technician experience. Additionally, two crew members have previously tested and been trained for minor emergency scenarios, such as loss of power, in a 120 day simulation with the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS).

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